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Flock is all about high-quality community arts

Flock creates projects that express the richness of our communities through a variety of creative activity.

We believe that the sharing of a creative process supports inclusivity and equity, contributes to good health and wellbeing, helps to build strong and resilient communities and results in a creative outcome that is fresh, unexpected and marvellous.

We know that everyone has creative talents and stories worth sharing.

We think that we should all have a blimmin’ good time whilst doing this.

Our Board Members

Our Staff

Hobson Street Theatre Company outreach facilitators:

Tanya Corpuz, Amelia Yiakmis, Barnie Duncan, Sean Riviera, Ariana Williams, Teiaro Taikato, Romy Hooper

Our Supporters

CONTACT US ON  —   hi@flock.nz

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