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If you are someone who happens to have grown up with a sibling; or, maybe you didn’t grow up with them but they still feature in your life; then you will understand the peculiar and nuanced relationship-storm that exists within the universe of ‘siblings’.

About the show:

When a member of a sibling unit is a person with a disability, this universe becomes even more nuanced. Studies have shown that siblings of people with disabilities have been found to have warmth, heightened empathy, increased altruism, and a larger sense of responsibility. But what is it like for the sibling with the disability?

What are the orbits, gravitational laws, shooting stars and physics of this universe?

For this show we would love to hone in on the nuance of these relationships, using the domestic as the magnifying glass: something as mundane as going shopping with your older brother; making the obligatory ‘catch up’ phone call; or having a family dinner. It is in situations like these where we can mine for gold. Small gestures and tiny interactions can reveal a myriad of intriguing insights into a sibling dynamic.

Who we’re looking for:

We're looking for people who have experience of this particular type of sibling relationship - where at least one of the siblings is a disabled or d/Deaf person. 

We will be running a series ofin-person workshops where we will delve into the stories, interactions and experiences of these sibling combos with the intention of making a theatre show. These workshops will involve games and storytelling. You and your sibling/s can come to as many workshops as you would like - whatever you can commit to.

About Barnie Duncan, the director:

Barnie has been creating theatre for the last twenty five years, including for ATC, Silo Theatre Company, Red Leap and Centerpoint Theatre. In Melbourne in 2018, Barnie began volunteering for Down Syndrome Victoria’s Club 21 - a meet-up for adults focussing on social interaction, and ran a 5 month online workshop project covering script writing, stand-up and musical comedy. Barnie created a children’s show for neurodiverse kids in collaboration with A-Tistic Theatre, called Juan Vesuvius Says Relax! In 2021, whilst performing Tap Head at BATS Theatre Barnie ran a series of workshops for adults with Down Syndrome and neurodiversity. As a director Barnie has also worked with international circus and physical theatre performer, arts manager and diversity advocate Sarah Houbolt on her show KooKoo The Birdgirl. He was also part of the script-development workshops for Murder She Dictated - a disability-centric whodunnit for Melbourne’s The Waiting Room Arts.

To register for these workshops, click here and please fill in this form. You’re also welcome to send us your details via a short video or by calling Ruby Reihana-Wilson on 021 133 0904 or emailing them at siblings@flock.nz

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